For Guns and Freedom!


In spite of the various bans, restrictions, and outright lies told by politicians and the media, the number of Americans who own firearms continues to grow. In fact, it's become one of the largest political blocs, with a membership that refuses to give up its rights and freedoms. This is all thanks to the Second Amendment - one of the most sacred and important rights bestowed upon us as a nation. No one is supposed to take away your right to bear arms - no matter how much they want to. The unfortunate truth is, they want to do just that. And what is the only thing keeping them from doing it? It's the fact that we have guns to begin with.

One only needs to look north, to our neighbors in Canada, to see what could easily happen to us. If you haven't seen much of what is happening there, I urge you to take a moment and look on social media or alternative news sources to see what people are saying. Their rights have been all but stripped from them. They have suspended voting INDEFINITELY, put into laws that anything deemed dangerous or offensive material on Social Media (IE, anything their government doesn't like) is illegal. Things have gotten out of control for them. But how did it get there?

A lot of Canadians point back to a Supreme Court decision from 1993 that removed their rights to bear arms. Specifically, this act disallowed most handguns. Later in 2012, most long barrel rifles became illegal. And since then, their religious are being arrested for speaking their beliefs, and now they can't even say anything on Social media without fear. They can't even vote this administration out! Worst of all, they have no way to change the tides, as they are completely disarmed by their own government. They are practically slaves at this point.

So the question now is, could we get there someday? Absolutely, but only if we let it get there. That is one of the main reasons why our 2nd amendment right is so important. And this is why, when President Biden states that guns are not enough to protect you from a government, it is a dangerous encroachment on our rights.

Our guns are not here for murder, they are here to protect us, from trespassers, and from something that could become worse. Are you looking for a great gun to help defend your home? Call us today!